From the first time I visited Mexico there was a connection. I can’t explain it but even though it was just a day trip from San Diego to the horrible city of Tijuana something in me clicked and I knew there would be more visits in the future.

I have the type of family that love to travel, with over 20 countries stamped in our passports and no plans to stop any time soon. We have a philosophy that it would be unlikely for us to return to any place as the world has so many other amazing places to see.

But even though Mexico is a long way from our home in Australia, and not always easy to get to with the multiple flights required, it has become our “go to” destination. A place that manages to give us new experiences, bites and sights every time we visit.

We have been five times now and there is no sign that we won’t be back many more times. We hope to have an extended three to six month stay next time to really get immersed in the local culture.

So other than a love of everything Mexico, you may be wondering what I can possibly bring to the table when it comes to a website promoting travel and experiences in a country so far away from where I live.

As I mentioned I am well travelled with my wife and 19 year old daughter as companions. I am also experienced in the travel and tourism industry having had roles as a Travel Agent, Tour Design Consultant and Tour Leader among other things.

If you have any questions or suggestions relating to this site please contact me at info@mexicobitesandsights.com or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

So I hope you enjoy the ride and the food as I take you on a Mexican adventure.

Hasta luego,