You have probably tried Mexican food, had some Tequila shots and seen pictures of men in sombreros but we want to show you places you need to see in Mexico that may make it your favorite country to visit.

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While Mexico gets a bad, and mostly undeserved, rap for being full of drug violence and drunk American College students it is no surprise many people are reluctant to visit and form their own opinion.

During my time as a Travel Agent in Australia I suggested Mexico as an amazing new destination to dozens of clients and it is sad to have to admit that at least half of these people responded instantly with a version of the same question…

“Isn’t Mexico dangerous?”

My main answer was as silly as the question itself…

“Only if you are planning on getting into the drug business, hanging out in back alleys at night or touring the areas near the US border.”

I would then go on to suggest that any place in the world is potentially dangerous if you choose to venture in to the wrong areas and that the media does tend to overplay any situation that can be used to boost their readership.

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The crazy truth of the matter is statistically you are far more likely to be involved in something tragic on your way to the airport than during your time in Mexico, or almost anywhere else for that matter.

By avoiding travel to this diverse country you are missing out on seeing some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, historical marvels and colorful towns.

So to give you just the tip of the proverbial iceberg we have put together a selection of things to see in Mexico that you shouldn’t miss.

Historical monuments not to miss

While the countries of Europe are pretty much limited to one ancient civilization each (that’s not to say some of them aren’t quite impressive) Mexico has seen a procession of incredible cultures and empires that have all left their mark.

When it comes to the Mayans there are a number of sites to visit that will all manage to give you a sense of walking through history. Sites like Coba and Chichén Itzá  are world famous and perfect places to learn about this impressive people.

However if you prefer your history presented with a large helping of natural beauty then there is only one place that you should be going.

The Mayan ruins at Tulum

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Tulum is regarded as unique among the Mayan cities in that it was built on the coast. Historians believe it is one of the few examples showing that these ancient people traded by sea as well as overland.

But for us it means you can combine some incredible ruins and one of the world’s most photogenic beaches. How good is that?

The pyramids at Teotihuacan


If you think the pyramids in Egypt are amazing (well, I suppose they are) then you should be at least equally impressed with these beauties just outside Mexico City.

At this stage you are still allowed to climb the pyramids and while it sounds an easy task to scale the mere 65 meters of height you have to remember that even at the base you are already more than a mile above sea level.

So when I say getting to the top and looking at the view will take your breath away, I really mean it.

Beach scenes not to miss

Let’s face it, Mexico has a lot of coastline and whether it be the bay, the Pacific or the Caribbean you are sure to find a bit of beach that is perfect for your needs.

So let’s just focus on a few places that offer something other than just some nice sand and a wave or two.

Cable car views at Ixtapa

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Ixtapa has a nice beach but the thing that sets it apart from many other nice Mexican beaches is the chance to see it from a cable car before finding your own little square of sand to enjoy your day.

They say that if you ride it at sunset you will be greeted by some spectacular views across the beach and the city, with the sun going down behind the distant mountains.

Playa del Amor


The question is “Can it still be called a beach if it’s not on the coast?”. And the short answer is who cares when it is this perfect.

The Hidden Beach is in the Marieta Islands off the Pacific coast and the only way to get there is to swim through an 80 meter long tunnel. But there can be no doubt it is worth the effort.

Natural wonders not to miss

When it comes to natural wonders to say that Mexico is diverse is a serious understating of the facts. We have already visited Playa del Amor so let’s see what else we can find.

Hierve el Agua

hierve el agua

Seriously, who doesn’t love an infinity pool? But how much better is it when that pool is naturally occurring and is at the top of a waterfall? Well, it looks like a waterfall even though it is a weird rock formation.

The water is the pools is highly regarded for its medicinal benefits and to laze around as the water bubbles up through the limestone is all kinds of relaxing.



I was going to pick one but how can you choose? So many of these enormous holes in the ground are scattered across the Yucatan peninsula that we could devote an entire post just to Cenotes.

Many of these big holes are easily accessible and lend themselves to exploring, swimming and caving. They can also be part of a huge network of underground rivers and others are so deep we don’t know how deep they are!

Copper Canyon

View from the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railroad (Chepe) train down onto the Santa Barbara Bridge, near Temoris, the Copper Canyon, Mexico

Unless you have been living under a rock, probably at the bottom of a canyon, you will know of the Grand Canyon. It’s big, really big, you could probably even describe it as grand.

But you may not know that Mexico has quite a grand canyon of its own. Copper Canyon is deeper, higher, larger and has more rivers that its northern cousin.

Named for the copper green walls of the canyon it is popular among hikers and campers and also has a pretty spectacular rail journey available for those of us less inclined to walk up and down mountains.

Colorful towns not to miss

No matter how small, poor or rundown a town may be it can become something truly special with some creative use of a few cans of paint.

And few places are more creative in this than the small towns of Mexico. Here is a small sample but once again it would take a full post to really show you what you are missing.




puebla - bencito the traveller

Palmitas, Pachuca


Places to see culture in motion

Mexico has a culture all of its own and to experience it as it is happening and not just as a tourist is pretty special.

Oaxaca artisan villages


So most those brightly colored souvenirs you find throughout Mexico and many parts of the USA come from one small part of Mexico. Except for those poor quality copies that come from China of course.

The villages around Oaxaca are home to the families that have been making these pots, rugs, statues and carvings for generations. What is even more interesting is that each village focus on a single type of product.

Don’t expect to see anyone weaving in the potters village, they would be shunned!

Local markets

markets - roving gastronome

There are two distinct types of markets in Mexico, ones that sell for tourists and ones that cater for the locals.

To spend some time wandering through the local markets is a magical experience. These places are filled with rapid fire Spanish conversation, mouth watering cooking smells and a general buzz that makes you feel you are in the right place.



On the whole Mexicans have a very religious culture, which explains the huge number of churches to be found across the country.

Australia may have a pub on every corner and the USA has its fast food joints but south of the border it is the church that is impossible to miss.

Whether you are religious or not it is quite special to visit some of the churches and the Spanish inspired Cathedrals. Remember to show the proper respect but this is where the soul of Mexico resides.

Family time


It seems the culture of Mexico revolves around respect and love of family and there is no better way to experience this than to find the place the locals get together.

It may be the Zocalo (town square), a small park or a Malecon (boardwalk) that locals come together but wherever it is you should go there.

Don’t treat it like a zoo but blend in and enjoy the experience. The food and music is great and to see the little girls in beautiful colored dresses and the boys in mini Mariachi outfits is something that can only bring a smile to your face.

What do you want to see?

This are just a small sample of amazing things you can see in Mexico. So is there really any reason why you wouldn’t want to visit?


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