The Perfect Honeymoon

The Best Destinations for the Perfect Honeymoon Let’s not ignore the terrific honeymoon vacation that comes after the “I do’s”. Newlywed couples are always on the hunt for honeymoon solutions that cater specifically to their needs, a fact that many resorts and cruise lines have come to grasp. After the excitement of the wedding, most honeymooners are looking for a spot where they can replenish their strength and share in the first memories as a married couple. The description There are plenty of destinations to choose from where you can share your first intimate moments as a married couple.

Let's get married!

You’ve been swept away by your love and now you want to create the perfect honeymoon. The vast US, from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, has any number of destination options for all newlyweds whether they’re into mountain climbing, kayaking, skiing, or sightseeing.

Los Angeles and San Francisco, California

Head over to San Francisco, California, where can gaze at the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge and then fly down to Los Angeles where you’ll find the famous Hollywood sign.


Discernable and experienced New York City hoteliers have a keen eye for what honeymooners and other romantics seek from their stay in one of the world’s quintessential cities. So, ( get out of the bedroom and take in the sites and sounds the Big Apple has to offer.


The striking beaches, extraordinary natural wonders, innovative cuisine and perfect weather make Hawaii one of the greatest places in the world to have a memorable honeymoon.

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Las Vegas

And don’t dismiss Las Vegas. Its bright lights and 24-hour excitement make it the ideal destination for newlyweds who prefer late-night fun over lazing around on a beach. Europe’s cultural wonders, varied cuisines and relaxing shores make it a great honeymoon destination.

Paris, France

The cozy bistros and iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, often called the City of Love, make this city a marvelous place for lovers to experience what romance is all about.

The Many Cities of Italy

.A hop, skip and jump away, Italy is a country steeped in culture, delectable food, and great fashion as well as much, much more. Make a stop-over in idyllic Tuscany, a place where you can unwind with a glass of Chianti, visit enchanting little towns, not to overlook some of the area's famed culture-rich cities. Venice, often referred to as the City of Water, is famed for its crooning gondolieri filling the Grand Canal and the recognizable masks adorning the faces of those who take part in its world-renowned Carnival.


The choice of places to visit in Spain is vast: from the historic, the natural wonder, to the sunny coasts and party islands. Combined with intricate architecture and Spanish folklore, Seville is a fascinating city ideal for honeymooners to explore. Its lavish palaces and parks are perfect places to check out during the day. The ‘mandatory’ afternoon siesta is the perfect segue to the late-night dancing that follows.

The South Pacific

Great honeymoon memories can be made in the South Pacific. Set in the South Pacific, Tahiti and Fiji are known as some of the best honeymoon destinations worldwide. Newlyweds will come upon miles and miles of calm, immaculate beaches in addition to impressive accommodations only found on these two islands. Many properties boast over-water suites, so you may even see some exotic fish swim below glass panels under the coffee table.

Then there is Africa.

There are so many ways to fill your days on a honeymoon in Africa from exciting game drives, walking safaris, fishing expeditions, and canoe trips to just relaxing with a good read before a hippo-filled river. Toast to married life in front of camp fire as you look up to view the star-studded sky and enjoy the sounds of the African bush, with an occasional roar here and there. Avoid large crowds and experience a real sense of wilderness in Zambia, often called the “Real Africa”. It has become a popular destination among honeymooning couples who seek adventure and have a love of nature. Experience the spectacular sunsets and tranquility in this far off area filled with unspoiled wildlife. The whole of South Africa encompasses its beautiful Cape Town, Big 5 game reserves, picturesque wine routes, pristine beaches and beautiful mountain ranges, all of which make it an an ideal honeymoon destination. The numerous distinctive cultures which together make up this country have made it known as the “Rainbow Nation”. The island of Mauritius, situated about 1,200 miles off the southeastern coast of Africa, is deemed to be one of the world’s greatest honeymoon destinations. This balmy island on the Indian Ocean is covered with palm-fringed shores making it the ideal place to honeymoon. In Mauritius honeymooners will find that there are plenty of activities to keep busy, but not exhausted, with all of time needed to kick back in a luxurious setting and just the right level of service they desire for such a special moment.

The ten Best Offbeat Hikes

The ten Best Offbeat Hikes Do you want to really break free and head to places where you can be completely on your own with no one else around? Separate yourself from the every day and get back to the beauty of the outdoors on some of the most out of the way trails. Travel Africa’s third highest mountain to the Australian deserts, and even the world’s most southern trek in Patagonia, each location is spectacular. Even though these trails are not easy to get to, don’t let that limit you, there is a trek out there for everyone.

Gokyo Lakes & Renjo La in Nepal
Duration is approximately 17 days (13 days trekking)
Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging (6)
Ideal for: Active travelers who want to try out a trail different to the ever-popular Everest Base Camp trek
Departure dates: February to mid-May & end of September to December

Wouldn’t it be sweet to be on a trail that is less traveled in the Everest region? You can journey though Sherpa villages to the breathtaking greenish blue Gokyo Lakes and move through Renjo La (5400) on a very quiet trail. It is rated as the top trail in the Everest region, and offers a view of the Himalaya’s 8,000-meter peaks. As you travel to the top of Gokyo Ri, you will get one of the most striking sights of Everest and encompassing mountains, like Cho Oyu in Tibet.

Larapinta Trail End in Australia
Duration is approximately 14 days
Level: Moderate to challenging (6)
Best for the wilderness lovers and seasoned walkers who want a challenge
Mid-April to August is the ideal time to go

Deemed to be a great hiking trail in Australia, hiking the length of the Larapinta goes through the West Mac Donnell range in Central Australia and is more than 223 kilometers. Hike through the semi-arid region on isolated ridges and canyons, slumber under the stars in the Outback; hike Mount Sonder, the highest summit in the Northern Territory and take in the stunning sunrise.

Dientes Circuit on Navarino Island in Chile
Duration is about 6 days - 4 days trekking
Level: Challenging (7)
Ideal for the experienced trekker who wants to get off the beaten track in Patagonia
Ideal time to go is December to March

Journey through the southern-most part of the globe to Dientes de Navarino Massif where you will feel very far from everything. You will not see many others on this 42-kilometer journey at the tip of South America. This walk has been described by Lonely Planet as an area in Patagonia with the greatest walking trails and is one of the few remaining distant spots left on earth.

K2 Base camp, Concordia & Gondogora La, Pakistan
Duration is approx. 24 days (16 days trekking)
Level: Entry level mountaineering/ exploratory trekking (8)
Ideal for those who are looking to get into mountaineering, or who are looking for a challenging trek
Best time to go is from June to August

Deemed to be some of the very best picturesque hiking trails, it goes from the famous Baltoro Glacier, to the “Throne Room of the Mountain Gods” and to the foot of the world's 2nd biggest mountain range. Pakistan’s famous hiking trail has nabbed the attention of hikers and mountaineers for numerous years, with a 360-degree view of 7,000 meter and 8,000-meter points, as well as the massive K2.

The Southern Alps in New Zealand
Duration: Approximately 6 days
Grading: Moderate (5)
Best for: Those looking to head for heights
November to April is the best time to go

One of the finest hiking (or “tramping” as it is known locally) adventures on Earth can be had in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, with its rolling hills, impressive glaciers, and aquamarine lakes. Exploring the alpine tarns with unobscured vistas, this hike is considered a warm up for hiking in the Himalayas.

Mountains of the Moon in Uganda
Duration: Approximately 13 days (10 days trekking)
Grading: Entry level mountaineering/ exploratory trekking (8)
Best for those who have ticked off Mt Kilimanjaro from their bucket list and are looking for their next summit challenge
Best time to go: December to February, June to September

Not on the radar of most backpackers, The Rwenzori Mountains (or Mountains of the Moon) are Africa’s pride and joy. For those who like a challenge, the climb to Margherita Peak (5,109m), Africa’s third highest mountain, is the way to go.

West Coast Trail in Canada
Duration is approx. 8 days (7-day full-pack trek)
Grading: Moderate to Challenging (6)
This is for those active walkers who enjoy coastal walks and seek to combine it with an amazing forest trek and wildlife spotting
Ideal time to go: August

Take a ferry and cross the Strait of Georgia filled with Orcas, head to Vancouver Island’s northern trailhead where your walk gets started, and even spot a sea lion, eagle, or bear on the shore. On the list of top 10 hikes, you can appreciate long coast strolls on the shelf, if scheduled correctly.

Snowman Trek in Bhutan
Duration is about 27 days - 23 days trekking
Grading: Exploratory trekking (8)
Best for anyone seeking a challenging trek that goes far off the beaten track
When to go: September to November

Visit the greatest traverse of Bhutan spanning 11 elevated passes over 4,500 meters through the remote Lunana district. This once-in-a-lifetime venture reaches the stunning Paro Valley where you’ll see a district with tiny Buddhist monasteries and isolated villages that are concealed away most of the year.

Pamir Fann Mountains, Tajikstan
Duration is approx.14 days (5 days trekking)
Grading: Moderate (5)
Ideal for: Those desiring to take their bush walking adventures up a notch while incorporating historical and architectural sightseeing
Ideal time to go: Months of June to September

Well-known for its rare mountain scenery and its profoundly stunning alpine lakes, this off -the-beaten walk in the virgin areas of Pamir crosses deep valleys with clear lakes and blooming grasslands. One even might observe the summer camps of the Tijiki shepherds.

Mongolia: Tavan Bogd
Duration: About 11 days (4 days trekking)
Grading: Moderate (5)
Best for anyone looking to explore untracked wilderness and authentic nomadic culture
When to go: June to August

Geographically, this is the most remote section of Mongolia, and is plush with breathtaking nature, wildlife and engaging cultural heritage. You will encounter local herders, bactrian camels, Kazakh eagle hunters and throat-singing Tuvan citizens, and comprehend more about the indigenous people.

Take A Trip And Make That Amazing Occasion Even More Special

Take A Trip And Make That Amazing Occasion Even More Special Holidays and important occasions go hand in hand with celebration, happy times and making memories. Have you ever considered taking a trip to check out Santa’s workshop in Lapland, or getting away for a while in Dubrovnik, getting married in St. Lucia and honeymooning in Bora Bora? This list gives you a few of the finest spots to celebrate your important occasions and make memories to last a lifetime.

Spend Your Christmas in Rovaniemi, Lapland

If you seek to tick all the magical boxes, take a trip to Lapland with your kids at Christmas time. Situated on the Arctic Circle, this locale is the most amazing destination for young ones as well as adults to welcome the Christmas spirit. Kids can see Santa Claus every day at Santa Claus Village as well as stop by Santa Park where they can see Santa’s tiny helpers and his reindeer. Every single child’s wish come true!

Happy New Year's Eve from Sydney Harbour Bridge

There is absolutely nothing more breathtaking than witnessing the mix of fireworks in Sydney which are considered one of the very best fireworks displays in the world. At 6 pm, the celebrations get rolling with an activity show at Sydney Harbour, and at midnight, the famous fireworks show commences at Sydney Harbour Bridge. This 12-minute show is magnificent and is broadcast to millions around the globe.

Valentine's Day in Dubrovnik

Considered one of southeastern Europe’s top inspiring spots, Dubrovnik in Croatia has a distinct medieval charm. Visitors have said that it is the most ideal place to propose to that important person; with old, charming buildings oozing with medieval history. This town has inspired many poets, novelists and artists through the years. If you jump on one of the cable cars, you will be able to see the wondrous terracotta rooftops, the Adriatic Sea and the island of Lokrum across the way.

Tie the Knot in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is thought of as one of the top wedding locations worldwide and there are many factors for this. Lush with tropical rain forests and wildlife, this island boasts its most celebrated sight, the emerald double summits called the Pitons. The photograph This Caribbean island creates the perfect environment for your beach front wedding.

Enjoy Your Honeymoon in Bora Bora

Despite the fact that it is only 6 miles long and a little more than 2 miles wide, the smaller island of Bora Bora is overflowing with natural wonder. Mt. Otemanu, a dormant volcano, springs up from the core of the island fanning out into lush jungle before spilling into a greenish blue lagoon. It was referred to as “the most beautiful island in the world” by author James Michener, who authored “Tales of the South Pacific”. It achieved the nickname, “Pearl of the Pacific” by 18th century British explorer James Cook. Offering elegant resorts, superb climate and cheerful locals, there is no better tropical getaway than Bora Bora.

Spend Your Anniversary in Bali

If you are looking for the greatest place to enjoy your anniversary, Bali is the place to go; with its stupendous mountains, coastlines and coral reefs. Bali feels and looks like utopia on earth, with its picturesque scenery and incredible blue waters. It is celebrated for its highly developed arts, including theatrical and modern dance and traditional ceremonies, sculpture and music. Do these activities sound good to you and your partner? Exclusive excursions such as cruising in Crystal Bay, tours to the sacred volcano of Mt. Batur, and helicopter rides, as well as couple’s massages and cooking classes with local people – then Bali is your wedding anniversary destination.

Romantic Getaways: Extraordinary Holidays

Romantic Getaways: Extraordinary Holidays What greater way to re-connect to your spouse than to go on an anniversary trip? An anniversary trip can incorporate love, trust and intimacy, whether it’s a wooden anniversary in Amsterdam or a re-creation of your honeymoon after twenty five years. And for those who are nearing the 40 -year Ruby wedding anniversary? While a honeymoon is designed for relaxation after the arduous months of planning, an anniversary trip may require more planned preparing. After a location is set, consider a ideal schedule specific to marital milestone. For example, wine tasting in Santa Barbara wine country may be suitable for a 45-year anniversary whilst a skiing in Colorado or going on a safari in Botswana may possibly be better for a 5-year anniversary. Holidays like these will allow you to discover a brand new part of the world, as well as a brand new part of your relationship. And lucky for you, we have produced a list with all the greatest locations.

Principality of Monaco

If you want to feel like you have stepped back in time, wander over to Monaco Ville, known to Monegasques as Le Rocher, and stroll through the old town with its small, windy roads. Then get all dressed up and check out the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo where gentlemen must wear jackets after eight pm.

Amsterdam, Holland

Visiting Holland’s tulip display is a intimate way to spend your anniversary. After this, a prompt stop-off in the capital, Amsterdam, you can observe the gorgeous seventeenth-century canal houses which remain largely unmodified since the time of Rembrandt.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

In Beaver Creek, which is a mere 12 miles west of Vail, Colorado, a couple can stay by themselves at the unforgettable Trappers Cabin nestled away in the Rocky Mountains.

Cabo San Lucas

Whale watching is the thing to do in Cabo from the months of December to April when humpbacks start appearing.

Republic of Botswana

Go on a safari in Botswana to the Khwai Private Reserve which offers unrivaled admittance to the famous Okavango Delta and is situated along the Khwai River on the easterly border of the protected Moremi Game Reserve.

Algarrobo, Chile

Do you desire to swim in one of the world's premier saltwater pools? Then head to the Crystal Lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile.

Weekend Getaways Close to Home

Weekend Getaways Close to Home Life is short – mix in some fun weekend getaways every now and then, to chill out, have a good time, and get away from your daily routine. However, finding the ideal place for such a quick trip is not always easy. But don’t worry, there are actually plenty of places that could be precisely what you are searching for in a weekend away.

New York City

Visitors can get to New York City by train, plane or car, so weekend getaways are a breeze. It is great even in cold weather, as there are many indoor attractions such as Broadway shows or museums, while in summer visitors can visit outdoor places including the High Line and Central Park. Both the striking iconic landmark known as the Statue of Liberty and historic Ellis Island can be reached by ferry.

San Francisco

Visitors love the weather in San Francisco, which entices tourists and locals alike to enjoy outdoor activities such as riding the iconic cable cars, walking across the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, and exploring the distinctive neighborhoods that each have their own colorful personalities. If you love sports, take in a baseball game at AT&T Park and admire its dazzling views of the San Francisco Bay.

Washington, D.C.

The U.S. capital is not only a beautiful city, it also has a good deal to do and see, with countless major sights free of charge: the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and so many more, all within walking distance of each other on the National Mall. When you are visiting, don't miss out on the popular weekend brunch scene – just don't forget to make reservations in advance.

New Orleans

Everyone can find something to really love about New Orleans, with its broad range of things to do and see. The picturesque City Park has a lot of fun things to do if you want to be outside in the open air, or if you prefer museums, check out the popular and fascinating National WWII Museum. Foodies (or even non-foodies) will want to breakfast or snack on the classic beignets, then spend some time strolling around the famous and lovely French Quarter.

Nashville, NC

If you need a weekend of clean mountain air and sunshine followed by delicious artisanal hand-crafted beer from a local brewery, Nashville, NC is the perfect weekend getaway. For beautiful jaw-dropping views, check out the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway and Pisgah National Forest, or if you prefer to be more active, hike a segment of the iconic Appalachian Trail that passes through. When you have worked up an appetite, stop in at one of the local breweries to enjoy one of the 100-plus local beers and some tasty food.


Because it is centrally located and easy to get to from nearly anywhere in the U.S., Chicago is a great weekend destination for people wanting to experience its lively bar and restaurant scene, architectural history, or other activities. If the weather is good, cruise down the Chicago River to see the city’s renowned architecture, then head over to Millennium Park to check out the sculpture locals affectionately refer to as “The Bean”. Chicago has a rich culture of distinguished museums such as the Field Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago; excellent for those cold Chicago winter days.


This jewel of the Pacific Northwest features iconic sights like Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks and the Space Needle, all of which you can see in a matter of days. You might also fit in a hike in Discovery Park or on nearby Mount St. Helens. Just remember to take an umbrella and a raincoat – weather in the Emerald City can be unpredictable.

A Million Different Escapades for Two

A Million Different Escapades for Two Whatever you want your romantic getaway to be, there are a number of ports of call where you can choose from elaborate to simple options. Often times going on a vacation and spending quality time with the one you love goes further than any present ever could. Resorts all over the world now cater expressly to the needs of couples who want to shake things up a bit.

What's your idea of a perfect romantic escapade?

Even though colorful rose petals scattered on your bed may not be your preference, you will no doubt enjoy the fresh cut flowers, delicious chocolates, and champagne that await you in your suite. The wide array of romantic trips offered these days means you get to decide on the destination best suited to what you are looking for. You may be looking for a spot with warm waters and white-sand beaches, or somewhere you can gaze at the incredible sight of the setting sun on some exotic island. Paris or Florence may be best suited for couples with a preference for art and history. Here are some of the world's top romantic destinations for couples in search of an enchanting, blissful, and carefree place where they can spend some quality time with each other.

St. Lucia

The compact island of St. Lucia is the hidden jewel of the eastern Caribbean. With equal parts relaxation and adventure, the island of St. Lucia is ideal for couples who appreciate basking in the sun and making the most of the first-rate conveniences on offer.

Kauai, Hawaii

Adventure and romance are intertwined on the island of Kauai, Hawaii making it the ideal place for couples seeking both. On this the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, you will astound at the amazing landscapes, pristine beaches, and signature vistas. The “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, as it is frequently called, is a great place for couples to explore stunning canyons and amazing waterfalls.


This East African country has all the elements to make it a great destination for the romantic vacationer, even though it might not be the first place that comes to mind.


Couples searching for good times in a super romantic setting need look no further than Fiji in the South Pacific. This Melanesian country is made up of more than 330 islands and filled with lavish island resorts and spas. With its year-round sunny weather and numbers of possibilities for romantic moments, it really is no wonder why Fiji is such a well-known destination for couples.


There are few bucket lists that don’t feature a life-changing journey through Patagonia, a sparsely inhabited region shared by Chile and Argentina. It’s a romantic quest to what is effectively the end of the earth and a place which has long enticed travelers drawn with to the magic of its spell-binding terrains. Patagonia is one of the most unique places on earth because of its unmatched, breathtaking fjords and soaring snow-capped mountains as well as its enormous glaciers and ancient forests.