The list of things to do, eat and see in Mexico is endless and whether you are looking to experience the food, the history or the stunning scenery there is a tour for you.

If time is limited you may want a single day city tour or a experience the flavors with a short and tasty food tour. Or perhaps you want to do your own thing and just want to prebook your entry to one of the incredible attractions on offer.

For those of you with a bit more time on your hands that want to see the country but are either a bit nervous about doing it alone or prefer to spend your days in the company of like minded travelers and the knowledge of a local guide then you should look at the massive variety of extended tours lasting from just a few days to something that will keep you entertained for over a month.

So bring your camera, bring your appetite and bring your sense of adventure to make sure you get the most from your time in this magnificent country.